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Austy Donaldson

Committed to
providing a variety of quality merchandise for customers.

I grew up on the land and having a rural background I started leather repairs early in my life as my father repaired most of the gear that was used on the farm. Now that I have retired I am honing my skills and improving the quality of my work.

My experience has been varied which included working on large cattle stations, braking in horses and mustering cattle. Using stock whips was part of the job as well as repair of leather gear. I started plaiting about 50 years ago beginning with belts and graduating to red hide whips and finally to kangaroo fine plaited whips. 

The “Old Timers” who plaited whips then were very helpful and generous with their knowledge.

Leather work its my passion.

Australian Plaiters & Whipmakers Association
traditional leather tools
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